Berndt starts Memorabilia Club

Morgan Weston

     Beloit High has several unique clubs, many of which started because someone had an interest. We just had a club started this year called the Memorabilia Club. It was started by Benson Berndt. He started this club because he was passionate about memorabilia (specifically trading cards) and hoped to find others with the same interest. One goal of his for this club is to make sure that everyone feels at home. He wants everyone to feel as though their memorabilia is valued. People may also value their memorabilia if they choose to see how much it is worth. The club is open to anyone who is interested. He is hoping to bring in speakers to talk about the benefits and pay-off of keeping memorabilia. People are welcome to bring anything they would like to either show the other members or anything they would like to trade. They recently had their first meeting and six people attended. Berndt says he believes that number will double by the next meeting.